A Little All Over the Place

Hello, fabulous MSA communities,

I’ve got to admit, I’m a little all over the place.

This morning, I worked with students hauling old MSA decor from storage containers so that MSA parent volunteers could update and beautify the lot into Showcase ready displays worthy of a 20th Anniversary celebration. At lunch, we assembled pronoun pins for Wellness Week and, throughout the day, we collected and adjusted student lists of performers and volunteers for the Showcase program. These activities are on top of a packed week of Open House, the closing weekend of Cabaret, and visits from alumni home from college on spring break. The thing is, I feel so lucky to work this hard.

What a privilege to see creative kids grow up from 8th grade applicants to successful college adults. What a pleasure it is partnering with parents and community members to make this program and this school feel welcoming and exciting.  What a blessing that we can hold space for students with diverse talents, backgrounds, interests, and intersectional identities. Our school and our program is not perfect but I love every minute working with our kids and community.

As we head into the next week of celebrating our 20th Anniversary full out, let’s come together and really show up for the creative community we love so much.

With so much love and gratitude,

Michelle Cortez


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