MSA Traditions

Happy Wednesday, dear MSA communities,

We are a few days from one of my favorite MSA traditions—MSA Showcase. Product design students are making MSA bandanas, dancers and musicians are rehearsing, and visual artists are putting the final touches on their curated pieces.

Because we want EVERYONE in our community to feel included, we have a treat for our dear readers—a preview of the MSA Showcase program so those who are going can preview what’s in store and those who can’t attend can still celebrate the hundreds of students who have work in the show. (I know some students “forget” to tell their parents that their work is being exhibited—I highly recommend you check out the program in case your kiddo is being shy.)

Teamwork and inclusivity define our school culture in so many ways—a special event like Showcase is an obvious example but our positive culture permeates tough times too. I am equally proud of the way our communities handled the Easter egg bomb threat scare last Friday.  We know many families received frightened texts from your kids. We really appreciate not only the way our staff and students worked together to stay calm but also the way our families trusted us to take care of your kiddos. That’s what a thriving community does, right?  Stick together and trust one another through the most joyous of times and through the uncertain times too.

Always grateful for our supportive, loving families and students,


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