To creativity, engagement, and authentic connections

Hello, dear MSA communities,

It’s all about engagement and connection this week.

For MSA students, that looks like showing up for the rock band lunch concert on Tuesday, signing up for all kinds of artsy and service clubs today, and visiting the Wellness Campus Fair on Friday. These lunch time activities make it easy to connect out of class.

For students and families alike, creative engagement and connection is what it’s all about at the Soiree this Friday night. It’s the same beautiful outdoor stage we love but with 20ish student acts of kiddos sharing their talents and heart. It’s one of my very favorite MSA events for the way families go together and students appreciate one another.

Writing this note makes me remember that MSA is always about engagement and connection. It’s not just a “this week” thing, but a shared value and an aspiration for everything we do. If you are feeling it like I am, please consider raising your hand to engage and connect as an MSA volunteer —there are so many ways parents make all this magic happen. Like the dance families hosting concessions at the Soiree (thanks in advance!), you can make a huge difference and have a great time with fabulous humans. We especially need a few more volunteers for Divine Wine on Oct 8th.

To creativity, engagement, and authentic connections—for all of us!


Michelle Cortez
MSA Director/NHS Assistant Principal

P.S. Got a kiddo in Digital Arts? Mr. Gersh is offering a Saturday Academy to work on those tough, time-consuming projects.  See below for more details and thanks, Mr. Gersh!

Support for Digital Art/Video Game Design


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