NHS Homecoming Courts Many from MSA

Congratulations to our fabulous NHS Homecoming Court—a number of whom also happen to be MSA students!

BACK ROW: Rowan Tjernell, Jordy DeLeon, Jackson Yaeger (Cine Arts), Grant
Woods (Cine Arts, Creative Writing), Aleshka McPreti (Creative Writing), Ezra Portillo

MIDDLE ROW: Francesca Calle La Bou, Yamilet Ariza Guerrero, Isha Ali,
Tiana Bersaglieri, Emily Everson (Photography), Gracie Thelen

FRONT ROW: Wali Moshref (Product Design), Evy Hall (Theatre, Creative Writing), Tori Salazar (Theatre, Creative Writing) and Tony Cavallero (Theatre)


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