Our Diversity Is Our Strength

Hello, good people,

You’ve seen the NHS staff shirts that proudly pronounce: “Novato:  our diversity is our strength.”  (designed by our own MSAF Laurie Gibbs, by the way!)

Well, diversity is a fact—we are a diverse school and I love that reality. Inclusion is more—it’s based on how we ACT. Inclusion is a responsibility we all share to ensure all students and families are welcome and feel like they belong and are valued and taken care of in our diverse school communities.

Today was Fall Club Fair at lunch and students showed up in droves to show us what inclusion looks like on the student activity level. Club leaders were friendly and inviting as they explained what their club was about and how to participate.

MSA faculty are continually working on adjusting our offerings to help students feel connected to their departments, to the MSA program, and to the wider NHS community. For example, this Friday, we’ve invited new-to-MSA 10th-12th graders for a pizza meet up with other MSA leaders at lunch during our open gallery hours.

Likewise, we want students and community members in our wider NHS community to feel seen and supported by MSA as a program. That’s why we are adding school-wide exhibitions and performance offerings during the school day to our calendar this year. It takes a little more coordination and resources, but it’s worth it. Our arts-infused campus invites ALL students to participate—a little or a lot.

Thank you for all the ways you support MSA —a little or a lot—and for accepting invitations to engage. Together, we create an inclusive campus supporting all our students and families.


Michelle Cortez


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