Last-Minute Volunteers, You Are Right on Time!

We are over the moon that Divine Wine & Food is literally just days away! It’s turning into a truly beautiful evening—magical, inspirational, and delicious!

However, we really could use a few more volunteers to fill in some gaps. Could you lend a hand?

Here’s what we’ve got—sign up here:

This Saturday:
  • Green Room Monitor – 1 Adult from 1-5pm and 1 Adult from 5-9pm
  • Raffle Ticket Sales – 3 People – 4:20-7pm
  • Bottle Pull Game – 1 Adult – 4-7pm
  • Food/wine bussers – 1 Person – 6-9pm
  • Vendor assistant – 1 Person – 6-9pm
This Sunday:
  • Unload Truck – 4 Adults to unload truck – 10-12pm
  • Truck Driver – 1 Adult to drive truck back to rental in Novato
Thank you, everyone! We appreciate all you do for MSA! If you have any questions, please contact, Joanne Covert.


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