Artistic Journeys

Thank you to those who were able to join us for the all-MSA Town Hall—any part of our three-part sequence. It was the fourth and final episode of our MSA Town Hall for the year—the limited series pandemic version of our quarterly meetings.  (Yes, I have watched a LOT of limited series this year.) While I personally prefer connecting in person, I appreciate the opportunity to beam into your homes and share what we are working on and planning for next year. One bonus of the zoom version of our meeting is the recorded video. If you missed it, don’t worry! You can always go back and view the video.

One thing you DON’T want to miss is the virtual portion of MSA Showcase Comes Home on Saturday, May 8th. Though we are now sold out of tickets to the limited capacity in-person event, we have an UNLIMITED capacity for you to join us in the remote version. Our cinematic arts students are busy capturing footage of each event.

The virtual version of MSA Showcase Comes Home will be a way to come together remotely to celebrate the MSA journey. Together we will enjoy a few “virtual-only” MSA program offerings before we provide an all-access pass to each MSA Showcase Comes Home on-campus experience. And the online portion is by donation—any amount is welcome. Intrigued? Excited? We are! More information in the Foundation section below.

Speaking of artistic journeys, huge kudos to our MSA theatre students who have adjusted what they do this year with so much personal success and outside accolades—check out the list of honors below. And giant congratulations to the incredible Madison Sneath who is our Artist of the Week and an inspirational student leader on campus.  It takes skill and flexibility and guts and grace to stand out and share your perspectives and talents. MSA seniors Madison and Sam and Olivia and Julia and Kasey and all of our other seniors too many to list today—your creative journeys serve as a model for the rest of us!

With gratitude for the ways we love on our communities and show up for each other in unique ways,
Michelle Cortez
MSA Director/NHS Assistant Principal

P.S. Journeys are a theme these days! I am proud to participate in Tour of Novato for the first time this year with pledges benefitting MSA and NHS.  School Fuel is an amazing organization.  Check out my Tour page here!


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