All the Feelings as We End the Year

Hello, dear MSA communities,

This message is the last communication for the 2022 year and I am experiencing all the feelings when I think about our MSA communities and the year behind us. Pride, humility, gratitude, wonder, curiosity, and—ultimately—unconditional love.

I often talk about our intersectional communities and share bright spots about accomplishments in one of our components—sometimes it’s news about students or our school-wide NHS equity efforts, other times I gush about MSA performances or our generous and diverse parent community.  All of these brag points don’t mean we are fully accomplished or resting on our laurels. There is an incredible amount of responsibility and accountability in loving a community so much.

In our 20th Anniversary year, the MSA staff has strived to maintain a growth mindset and embrace the complexity of a program. We are proud of who we have become and not only receptive, but active, in our ongoing pursuit to be better—to serve more students authentically and to engage in difficult but necessary conversations about what and who we value and how we will continue to evolve. I am filled with curiosity—an itch to find out more, a restless desire to continue facilitating growth.

As you celebrate the holidays that are meaningful to you and take a break from school with family—in all their glorious creativity, quirks, and passions, I wish for you all the complex feelings of unconditional love. Happy holidays and looking forward to seeing you and your incredible creative young people soon—if not at the alumni soiree this Friday then in the new year.

With love and gratitude,

Michelle Cortez


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