Finding the Balance

Hello, dear MSA communities,

Sometimes life serves up an unexpected challenge that stops us in our tracks. For me right now, its COVID, which I managed to avoid all this time until a quick trip to New York last weekend. I was pretty sick the first two days but already I am starting to feel better.  I hope to return Monday and thank my lucky stars for Shannon, who is holding down the MSA front for us all.

With this unexpected illness, I am also experiencing FOMO when I think about the MSA Rock Band concert on Thursday night at Hopmonk Novato and the opening night of Into the Woods this weekend. (Break a leg, musicians and actors!) This “fear of missing out” is unpleasant yet it helps me better understand our kiddos and how important each and every artsy opportunity can feel to them. It also makes me determined to advocate for students who have unexpected challenges in the future. If this happens to your kiddo and you need my support—just let me know so I can help.

One of my friends sent me a hilarious SNL skit on Covid as an intentional mental health break from work. So not me, but it still made me laugh—AND remind myself of our need to better balance our schedule to avoid overbooking and exhausting ourselves. Not every week needs six and seven days of commitments. Not every text and email needs to be read and answered immediately. I hope your incredibly engaged and active creative young people can find their balance too—especially with the long three-day weekend and the opportunity to REST ahead of us.

With so much love and gratitude for supportive colleagues and families and two-week runs,

Michelle Cortez


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