Spring Brings Opportunities for Growth

Happy Wednesday, Dear MSA Communities,

Since we’ve returned from spring break, I’ve been basking in the excitement of spring with all its energy and opportunities for growth. My office is right next door to Photography so it’s easy to catch Mr. Fletcher working with students and new arts equipment. Pictured here, you can see him circling up with a group of Photography 1 students and demonstrating how to use new tripods with technical precision. We are so lucky and grateful to be able to afford professional arts equipment to continue to engage and inspire our students.

When I think about it, it’s more than luck. It’s the concerted effort of many engaged and generous people that make it possible to buy new equipment, bring in arts professionals, and put on events like our film screening of American Graffiti.

Working on an MSA arts events is a joy because it brings together many of us to celebrate our young people, their efforts and successes, and our collective optimism towards our creativity and our potential. Of all the MSA events all year long, our MSA Showcase each year is the ultimate expression of everything we love about MSA—the students, the work, and the community.

Showcase is less than 2 weeks away and we are thrilled with the contributions of student artists AND the hard work from staff and families who are putting it all together. There are still several ways to engage—by volunteering or attending (but I guarantee tickets will sell out so if you want to go, now is the time to purchase tickets). The day-to-day arts experiences and inspiration depend on us coming together to support the work through events like Showcase; added bonus: it is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN.

To all the ways we love MSA and do our best to support daily inspiration,
MSA Director/NHS Assistant Principal


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