Taking Care of Each Other

“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued – when they can give and receive without judgement.”
-Brené Brown

Happy New Year!

Today in our first grade-level meeting of the new semester and calendar year, I talked to seniors about our developing wellness campus and the way the adults on campus are working toward making sure each and every one of our students feels seen, heard, and valued on campus. With just a few months left before their graduation, seniors seemed to really take in the idea of collective responsibility for taking care of each other.

Though we haven’t yet met with the younger classes, it’s been a pleasure to reconnect to all of our students and staff after our two-week break. Spirits are high as we turn to a new semester. Even the cold, wind, and rain hasn’t dampened the general sense of community as students cuddle and take shelter in the library and classrooms.

Community connections and giving back to our larger NHS campus community are two themes we’ll continue to explore in the coming weeks. We’ve got an MSA Student Leadership meeting scheduled for next Wednesday to infuse student perspectives into our Showcase planning, an Academy of Art University presentation next Thursday, and a Spring Club fair Jan 18th. All of these events are designed as inclusive events where all students are welcome to join —even if they haven’t attended before in the past. Please encourage your kiddos to attend and check them all out.

With love and gratitude for our creative communities,

Michelle Cortez


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