Recap of MSA Artists of the Week

Congratulations to this fall’s MSA Artists of the Week, nominated by their faculty and featured in Novato High’s weekly video announcements. Enjoy a recap of awardees so far, with more to come next month!

SEPT 6 Kalyani Ryaru,’23, Instrumental Music – Classical & Jazz, Kalyani first trombone in Wind Ensemble “Her positivitv, musical skills, and drive to improve provide excellent examples for all music students.

SEPT 12 Olivia Ojeda,’23, Creative Writing, brings her passion and skill to both writing and editing as one of the the Senior Editors of the Creative Writing Anthology.

SEPT 19 Leah Nemorovski ’23, Vocal Music & Rock Band, an incredible leader. M: Leah brings joy and love to all the music she makes, and inspires her fellow singers to strive for success and excellence.

SEPT 26 Jack Storey, ’24 Instrumental Music classical and jazz lead trumpet in Adv Jazz, Jack’s work ethic and commitment has helped him become an incredible musician.

OCT 3 McCabe Christian & Marissa Little, ’23 Dance McCabe and Marissa are both seniors in honors dance. Marissa is an incredibly gifted ballerina, and excels at jazz and contemporary styles. McCabe is a very talented dancer AND choreographer, all while doing a great job as one
of our MSA coordinators!

OCT 10 Henry Greber, ’23 Creative Writing (& Cinematic Arts) is an incredible leader, mentor, and advocate for the writing community who brings his passion and skill to the Creative writing anthology, where he is a senior editor.

OCT 17 Ben Gurvis, ’23 Cinematic Arts, a fantastic creator and collaborator, Ben is full of energy and imagination. His spirit fills the room. He is also involved in theater, both inside and outside of school.

OCT 24 Brianna Georgeson, ’23 Sculpture & Ceramics (& Wind Ensemble), as incredibly talented visual artist, Brianna brings a joyous creativity to her work, with innovative ideas that take her pieces to another level.

OCT 31 Scarlett Lemieux ‘ 23, Creative Writing and Video Game Design. With her incredibly positive attitude, Scarlett has excelled in developing her skills over her years in MSA. Her writing has earned multiple awards, both in and beyond the classroom, including the Bay Area Creative Foundations “Creative Youth Award”.


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