Drawing and Painting

MSA Drawing and Painting

The intent of the MSA Drawing and Painting is to explore the creative process that allows artists to understand themselves and our culture at a deeper level and share that through artistic expression.


What to Expect:

The coursework is exciting, but creating art is a lot of work. It is a great adventure; it is about finding your voice as an artist and as a creative being. These adventures will stay with a student and enrich their life. A high level of participation is expected from each student, as well as a deeper level of thinking. With full participation, art classes will form a creative and supportive community to enrich and deepen a student’s experience as a person and as an “artist.”

MSA Drawing & Painting Courses of Study


Foundation year will be spent learning and applying the Elements and Principles of Art and Design in individual works of art. Students will be given both projects that help build skill in techniques, as well as creative problem-solving.

Drawing and Painting I (MSA)

This course moves students into beginning the practice of observational drawing and painting, Students will be given projects that both build technical skill and allow development of a voice and investigations of their own art making process. Student course work will also focus on building a critical awareness and a relationship to the historical and cultural contexts that have influenced visual art.

Drawing and Painting II and III (MSA)

This course that deepens the painting and drawing experience, with an in-depth study of figurative drawing and explorations in figure painting.

Students will be creating large-scale works of art from both observation and imagination and be given a series of engaging and challenging creative problems. Course work will include translating experiences, personal perspectives and concepts into visual form with a variety of techniques.

Drawing and Painting Teacher Taylor Mancini

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