The Marin School of the Arts is a specialized program at Novato High School. Students are admitted to the program through an application and audition/portfolio process. MSA students are students of Novato High School who enjoy two daily periods of the school day devoted to arts education.


The Marin School of the Arts Foundation raises over $400,000 annually in support of MSA programming and resources that the Novato Unified School District is unable to provide. Thanks to an involved community and volunteer support, the foundation enhances and sustains the quality of education for all Marin School of the Arts students.



Community Rallies Behind MSA

How to Succeed_Showcase

Showcase2017 Raises Vital Funds

Hundreds gathered at Showcase2017 to show support of MSA’s commitment to providing equal access to award-winning arts education for creative, talented students. Showcase gives a snapshot of the magic that happens at MSA, with high-energy performances and heartfelt student testimonials.

“MSA is like a family, it gives us a supportive place to develop our skills and passions. The arts are so important. Art is healing and art is love and without this place I couldn’t be the person I am today,” theatre student Megan Winnett, said in an impassioned plea from the Showcase stage. “We can’t do this without your support.”

The MSA Showcase, now in its 14th year, features performances, a curated exhibit and elegant reception in celebration of the program’s achievements in providing college-level arts training to students from across Marin and Sonoma counties and the greater Bay Area. The high-energy live auction and Fund-A-Need portion of the event help to ensure the program’s future.

What’s with the Servals?

serval-jazzNovato High School is known for its Hornets; Marin School of the Arts has the Serval. MSA founder Mark Peabody chose the quirky feline to represent MSA to help build community spirit among students, parents and faculty.

Peabody saw the Serval as a good representation of the MSA community because it’s small (like MSA), oddly beautiful (like our art), proudly individual (like artists) and largely unknown but making a strong impression when discovered (like MSA)!

MSA Founder Mark Peabody models the MSA Serval

Founder Mark Peabody models the MSA Serval

About the School

Marin School of the Arts (MSA) is an award-winning arts program within Novato High School, a top performing public high school offering challenging and innovative academic programs as well as outstanding athletic and club offerings.

MSA gives talented and motivated students from across the North Bay and beyond the chance to study with top arts professionals in their fields. As part of a public high school, MSA can offer quality arts programs to a greater variety of young artists. MSA provides college-level arts study in a variety of arts disciplines, which results in students gaining a higher skill set in their studies as well as greater confidence in their abilities. MSA teaches young artists how to follow through on commitments, how to multitask and how to rise to extreme challenges while developing thier individuality and self-identity.

As part of a public high school, MSA is an affordable and cost-effective program which encourages a greater diversity of talented young artists. The school attracts students from across Marin and Sonoma counties as well as students traveling from as far away as San Francisco and Vallejo. This mix encourages a dynamic community of young artists sharing ideas, experiences and projects.