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Creative Writing Student Publishes First Novel

Student author Chloe Helton is now a published writer!

Student author Chloe Helton is now a published writer!

MSA Creative Writing student Chloe Helton has published her first novel! It is now available in print, just in time for the holidays! Helton is a prolific author, and her highly anticipated young adult novel And The Stars Wept, is indeed a labor of love.

“I have been submitting my work on the story-sharing site Wattpad for several years, and a scout from Pulse Publishing contacted me about submitting to the publisher,” she says of her writing journey.

The novel centers around newly orphaned Cassandra Clark, who just wants to provide for herself and her brother, Joshua, who seems hell-bent on joining the Union Army. Unable to stop him, she follows him into the horrors of the Civil War. At the camp, Cassie meets Beth, a fellow nurse with a secret threatening to tear her apart. With nobody left to live for, Cassandra and Beth soon face a tragic choice: become victims of the nation’s bloodiest war, or face it head-on.

And The Stars Wept is available through Pulse Publishing as both a digital ebook ($2.49) or in paperback ($12.95) Buy your copy here.

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MSA Applications Now Available

Applications for admission to Marin School of the Arts for the 2017-18 school year are now available. Students wishing to apply must fill out the Student Information Form, in addition to the program application(s). Form can be found in our Admissions sections and are due to the MSA Office no later than January 24, 2017. Auditions will be held February 4 and 5, 2017. For more information contact MSA Office Manager Rhian Robinson at info@marinschoolofthearts.org.

Fall Musical a Hit!

Thank you to all who assisted with the MSA Fall Musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” The generosity of our volunteers, as well as our dedicated students and talented faculty help bring about successful productions such as these.

It truly takes a village to make great theatre – we are fortunate and thankful for our community. Save the date: the MSA Theatre Spring Play, “Sense and Sensibility,” will premiere April 21, 2017.



Adv. Jazz Choir Class

To find out more about MSA Admissions and programs we recommend that students sign up for an MSA Shadow Day, where they will be paired with an existing student for the day. Parents also get to tour all MSA program classes.


MSAF Family givingFind out more about the parent volunteer group that helps MSA programs thrive! The MSA Foundation raises over $350,000 to bridge the gap in necessary funding that the Novato Unified School District is unable to provide.

The MSA Serval: The story behind the mascot

Founder Mark Peabody selects quirky mascot

Upon its creation as a specialized program within Novato High School in 2003, MSA Founder Mark Peabody thought it important for the school within a school to have its own mascot to help build community spirit among students and faculty.

According to Mr. Peabody,the Serval was the perfect representative for MSA, because like MSA it is graceful (as a member of the cat family), oddly beautiful with its bold markings, and largely unknown; much like MSA. 

About The School

The Marin School of the Arts (MSA) is an award-winning arts academy within a public high school setting.

MSA offers talented and motivated students the opportunity for professional arts instruction and practice while fulfilling all requirements in math, science, language arts, physical education and other elective programs at Novato High School.

Marin School of the Arts is a regional magnet to which students can apply for admission from any school in the Bay Area, as well as from within the Novato Unified School District.

The affordable and cost-effective setting of the program in a public high school encourages a greater socio-economic and geographic diversity of talented young artists, attracting students across Novato, Marin County and the wider Bay Area.

MSA Theatre performs The Mikado in one act, Spring 2016.

Student Spotlight

MSA Student Illustrates Book Cover

MSA-student-drawingMSA student artist Gabriella Borges had no idea she was being observed while she was drawing on her tablet during a long flight to Hawaii in 2013. While she was completely absorbed, her artwork had caught a fellow passenger’s attention.

“She was in her own world. She would create this really beautiful image and then she would erase it and I thought ‘Oh my God, how can you erase something so beautiful,’” Armando Arias, a professor, recalls of the flight he and his wife were taking on their way to vacation. “We went through the plane ride, going in and out of sleep, and poking each other to see what she was creating,” he recalls.

Finally, Dr. Arias couldn’t sit idly by watching anymore. He struck up a conversation with Borges. A professor of social psychology at the University of California, Monterey Bay, with keen interest in how people interact with and relate to art, Arias decided then and there to ask Borges if she would like to provide illustrations an upcoming class project. Read more…

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MSA Jazz Choir at Next Generaion Monterey Jazz Festival

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