MSA a Marin County Marinovator – Combining Art & Technology

Product Design, Dance & Rock Band Perform at Fourth Annual County-wide Event

MSA Rock Band Funkschway performs at Marinovators at the College of Marin.

MSA returned to the county’s celebration of Innovative Schools Programs held at College of Marin on Earth Day Saturday with another creative collaboration between Dance and Product Design and performances by MSA Rock Band Funkschway.

MSA’s popular band entertained with original and covers of popular music in the courtyard among school technology displays, while Product Design and Dance performed in one of the halls. The dynamic team of teachers and students created a new work with dancers making music with their movements accompanied by choreography set to spoken word poetry. The musical phrases played when any of six laser beams were broken by dancers’ movements. The interactive performance was a hit, especially with young viewers who were encouraged to try out the technology themselves after the performances.

Choreographer Kiara Fields ( left) wrote and performed the spoken word poetry with dancers Sophia Germani, and Samantha Loder. The piece’s message questioned teens’ dependence on communication through social media. Product Design students including Finnegan Dewitt, created software to link the laser system to trigger music and student Marcus Belingheri worked on hardware and provided project management while Sophia Able also worked on the software. The result was an inventive performance that will be presented to the Marin County School Board tomorrow night with teachers Glenn Corey and Janelle Mitnick.

Dancers and Product Design students combined their talents to present at Marinovators.

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