Ceramics and Sculpture

Ceramics and Sculpture Program

MSA sculpture teacher

MSA students receive one-on-one instruction.

MSA offers instruction in a full range of techniques for working in ceramics and sculpture with three diffeent levels of classes offered.

Course Descriptions

Sculpture and Ceramics – 1

Sculpture and Ceramics is a standards-based, U.C. approved visual arts course introducing students to different approaches in making 3-D art, with the fundamental elements of art and principles of design. Students are exposed to a wide variety of sculptural media, with an emphasis in clay. This includes both potter’s wheel and handbuilding techniques. The course integrates art making, art history, and cross-curricular and cultural connections with the goal of increasing visual literacy.

Sculpture and Ceramics – 2

Sculpture and Ceramics 2 builds upon the foundational skills developed in level 1, but with increased complexity in concept, technique and expectations. Students take on more roles in maintaining a highly functional 3-D Art Studio. Level 2 students have more autonomy and more time alloted to pursue particular techniques and media approaches they wish to refine.

AP 3-D Studio Art


MSA students have the opportunity to display artwork at special events.

This Advanced Placement Sculpture and Ceramics class is a fast-paced, college level, studio art course. Students work through the year toward the goal of submitting a portfolio of their work, which is scored by objective art professionals, in order to receive college level credit. This portfolio must demonstrate strength in three categories: breadth, concentration and depth. A considerable amount of work outside of class time in order to successfully submit the portfolio  is required, as well as more rigorous reflection, research and art critiques. Students a great deal of autonomy and responsibility at this level.