Lessons from SF Comic Con:

Rhian Robinson, MSA Office Manager, Shares her Insights from her ‘Secret Life’

As temperatures soared and the Bay Area wilted last weekend, I stayed cool at San Francisco Comic Con, where I worked as an assistant for Sean Maguire, star of Once Upon A Time and Timeless.

Apart from his rugged good looks, the most obvious thing about Maguire is his humility. In a hugely successful career on stage and screen, that has spanned over three decades, Sean could easily have bought into the glamour and mystique of celebrity, yet he remains grounded.

I have been fortunate enough to work as Sean’s assistant at several conventions, and every time I am struck by his
dedication to his fans, his social conscience and his

Sean and his wife are traveling to Italy in October to visit refugee camps to raise awareness by sharing videos on Instagram to show the harsh reality of life for these displaced people. Hoping to raise desperately needed funds for this cause, Sean and fellow celebrities will be hosting another, “Comedy Not Conflict” event after his return.

Sean’s recent roles as Robin Hood and James Bond creator, Ian Fleming, gave him the opportunity to bring beloved characters to life and he felt the weight to ensure they were portrayed with dignity and

The dramatic intensity created in Timeless by the scenery, props and excellent script led to an increased heart rate and a sense of “I am James Bond.”

“Comedy is an adrenaline rush from laughter where you have earned the laugh. You put
something out [your lines] to get it back,” he says.

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