MSA Funding

Marin School of the Arts strives for 100% participation from its current parents in contributions to the Family Giving Campaign. Donations are voluntary and any amount is appreciated. We have one time and recurring donation options.

MSA Funding: A Community Partnership

  • MSA opened in 2003 with a Specialized Secondary Program Grant from the State of California, which partially funded the programs, materials for operation and administration.
  • The nonprofit organization, Marin School of the Arts Foundation (MSAF) was subsequently formed to fill the funding gap between program costs and funds provided by the Novato Unified School District. The Foundation works with a Board of Director to provide needed operating funds for programs, teaching resources and equipment and instrument upgrades. Funding resources include the Annual Giving Campaign, corporate and foundation grants, and the Business Partner Campaign (formed in 2013-14), as well as annual fundraising activities and events. MSAF, on average, needs to raise $400,000 each school year to cover needed program expenses.
  • The Novato Unified School District provides funding for school facilities, most teacher salaries and basic classroom support.
  • Each year MSAF has increased funding raised from sources outside of Anuual Giving, for example with the creation of its Business Partner Campaign and an increase in grant awards from outside foundations. Those efforts continue to grow and expand.

The MSA Foundation Annual Giving Campaign

  • MSA relies extensively upon Annual Giving Campaign (AGC)  contributions for each student to help provide for the quality education our students need and deserve. The generosity of parents and student families has been key to making MSA programs successful.
  • Voluntary contributions can be made in one payment or spread over the academic year. The MSAF Annual Giving Campaign has set a goal of $2oo,000 for the 2017-18 year. Contributions to the FGC can be made online and can be increased by participating in your company’s matching gift program. Find out if your company offers a match here.
  • An Annual Giving Campaign contribution of $750 per MSA student is requested at the beginning of each school year. Participation IS NOT a requirement for a student to attend MSA.
  • When looking at comparable private arts education programs, MSA is far less costly than a private school. A monthly contribution to the Annual Giving Campaign is the average equivalent of one private tutoring or arts lesson.

MSA Foundation Expenditures

MSAF funding directly underwrites:
Guest teachers, including specialized instruction in music, dance and theater and more
Department projects without other funding sources
Facility upgrades specific to arts instruction
Teaching tools and technology, including upgraded video equipment, photography and digital arts computers, equipment and software, musical instruments and equipment, sheet music, costumes and props, licensing and royalty fees.
After school programs, including student tutoring
• Promotion, advertising and printing costs
• Administrative, marketing and fund development staff
• Major fundraiser expenses, including the annual MSA Showcase highlighting student and program achievements for major funders and families.