MSA Program Applications

MSA Program Application Forms

(Step TWO in the application process)

Once you have submitted your applicant’s Student Information Form, please proceed to fill out and submit your desired Program Application Form(s). An applicant may apply for admission to a maximum for three MSA programs.

MSA Program Applications

Please note: MSA applications are now online! Be sure to fill out your selected form(s) in their entirety. You will receive confirmation and a copy of your completed application(s) upon submission.

Cinematic Arts Application 2018-19

Creative Writing Application 2018-19

Ceramics and Sculpture Application 2018-19

Dance Application 2018-19

Digital Art & Animation Application 2018-19

Drawing & Painting Application 2018-19

Instrumental Music Application 2018-19

Photography Application 2018-19

Theatre Arts Application 2018-19

(Note: Above application applies to both Theatre Arts and Musical Theatre.)

Vocal Music Application 2018-19

What Happens Next?

After you have submitted your applications(s) you will be contacted to schedule your applicant’s audition(s). Auditions will take place on the weekend of Feb. 3-4 for all programs, with the exception of Theatre Arts, which will hold auditions on Feb. 10-11.

Visit the Audition and Portfolio Requirements page for more information at what to expect during that phase of your student’s application process.