MSA Pal-entines for February

Order your Singing Pal-entine from MSA Vocal Music!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Singing Pal-entine Gram from MSA Vocal Music! Surprise your friends, family and loved ones with a video serenade! Just fill out the form below to select your song and recipient then complete your order in the payment box underneath.  We’ll take care of the rest!

Click the image above to complete your Singing Pal-entine Gram selection.

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MSA SINGING PAL-ENTINE GRAM Purchase Form - Your Singing Telegram will be delivered via email on February 14th (to general/non-students) or February 12th (to students)

Quantity Description Price
Sh'Boom (Life Could Be a Dream)-General$5.00
Sh'Boom (Life Could Be a Dream)-Student$3.00
Can't Help Falling in Love-General$5.00
Can't Help Falling in Love-Student$3.00
You've Got a Friend-General$5.00
You've Got a Friend-Student$3.00
For questions, please contact Ms. Addleman at or Shannon Miller at