MSA Gear


MSA program shirts include Serval designs (our mascot) for all programs!

Long Sleeve MSA Shirt

CELEBRATE YOUR ART! We have an array of MSA Gear to choose from!

Quantity Description Price
Serval Shirt - Size Small$20.00
Serval Shirt - Size Medium$20.00
Serval Shirt - Size Large$20.00
MSA Long Sleeve Shirt - Size Small$20.00
MSA Long Sleeve Shirt - Size Medium$20.00
MSA Long Sleeve Shirt - Size Large$20.00
MSA Zip-up Hoodie - Size Small$35.00
MSA Zip-up Hoodie - Size Medium$35.00
MSA Zip-up Hoodie - Size Large$35.00
PJ Pants Small -Temporarily Out of Stock$30.00
MSA Pajama Pants - Size Med$30.00
MSA Pajama Pants - Size Large$30.00
Items ordered will be held for you in the MSA Office. Please print your email confirmation of this purchase and bring it with you to pick up your gear. Thank you!

Once your order has been received you will be contacted to arrange for pick up of your MSA Gear.

Thank you for your purchase—all sales support MSA Programs!

The Cinematic Arts Serval design.
The MSA Instrumental Music Serval
The MSA Drawing & Painting Serval!
The MSA Vocal Music Serval!
The MSA Photography Serval!
MSA Founder Mark Peabody - the original MSA Serval!