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This is a project-based approach to learning Digital Arts and Animation skills. We teach students to create fine arts using the computer and a variety of cutting edge software to manipulate images with stunning techniques.

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Course Descriptions

In Digital Art I r students will learn the technical aspects of computer generated imagery and digital design programs (Mudbox, Maya, After Effects or Nuke) as well as the basic design principles needed.

In Digital Art II and III students are expected to employ the tools and techniques learned in Digital Art I in order to make short animated films and create content for virtual environments.

Digital Art IV is an AP Studio 2D Course. Students will practice advanced techniques and develop an advanced portfolio which can be used for submission to the College Board in May.

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To keep current with technology and contemporary art this course is forever evolving. The following is a sample of Topics covered, but it may be altered as necessary and as new items come along.

Modeling (Maya, curves, open vs. closed, revolves, planar, lofting, NURBS vs polygonal, Autodesk Community)
Texture Painting (Mudbox, Diffuse color maps, Specular maps, Bump maps, other map types, exporting to Photoshop, importing from Photoshop)
Animation (Maya, Key frame, ease-ins/outs and linear moves, motion blur, dynamics, particle systems, Advanced techniques like inverse kinematics)
Lighting (Linear Lighting, 3-point lighting, Match lighting, Final Gather, Advanced techniques like sub-surface scattering, Image based lighting, HDRI, etc).
Rendering (Mental Ray render engine, Mental Ray materials, 2.5D cards, mattes, hair/fur, possibly RenderMan)
Compositing (After Effects, Rotoscoping, Strong composition, Green screen shoot and extraction, possibly Nuke)

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